Then God said, β€œLet the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so....Gen 1:11


Tired of eating unhealthy foods? 

Need to lose weight? 

My name is Yoshi and I am a personal chef. I create delicious savory alkaline/electric meals for you in the comfort of your home.  

Don't want me to do the cooking? I can just alkaline or partial alkaline your kitchen by substituting some of your ingredients and foods for healthier ones.  I will share recipes and teach you to prepare healthy food that heals and energizes the body.

Let's have a conversation about getting you well


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Some of what's on the Menu

(100% alkaline electric dishes)

Mushroom covered Quinoa

This tri-color quinoa dish covered with portabella mushrooms also comes with homemade tomato-lime salsa on the side.

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This zucchini and squash dish laced with red onions and tomatoes is a total comfort dish and is cooked with 100% grapeseed oil.

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Turnips with Bell Peppers

These lime-drizzled turnip greens are cooked to perfection with multicolored bell peppers and onions

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Artisan Dandelion Power Salad

This salad is simply made with some of the most powerful greens of planet earth

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Ginger Lime Elixir

This drink is made of pure ginger and key limes.  It naturally helps rid the body of inflammation.

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Some of our customers are saying:


I really lost weight and had a lot of energy while eating these meals.  When I stopped, I gained weight and just felt tired.  I will be reordering...C. James, Southstar Capital

Yoshi.  This food is so good.  And the salsa is to live for...C. Harper, C. Harper Enterprises


About me

I love to talk to people about health. I love to help people get healthy.  With the combination of thinking right, eating right and with exercise, there is no stopping you.

Therefore, I would love to talk with you about implementing my dishes into your life....yoshi holland 

I Give God All the Glory!!